Holes parallel to platform not round / flattened side


Hi guys, Moai from August 2018, with new build platform and fep film from last month. Printing normal general purpose things has always worked beautifully, but I want to try some more advanced things now: Lets say microfluid blocks, internal pistons and some M3 threads :crazy_face:

I am currently trying to figure out a problem with all holes parallel to the build platform:

or https://i.imgur.com/eTBpa7E.jpg

Is there a common solution to this? Should I try to fill those holes with loose inserts as support, with a 0.1mm gap maybe? Thank you!

Room temperature: >25°C

What type of resin: Freshly bought and opened Peopoly Professional UV Resin Clear

Build plate type: easy to level

Vat: FEP

What type Vat: Peopoly Original vat with 127um fep film from 3dpartnershop.com

Leveling measurement: Every column within 10.7 mm +/- 0.05

Firmware version: 1.18

System Setting is default per Peopoly recommendation? Yes

Laser Power: 57

Z-reset position: 1816

PM Motor Speed: 12

Z Follow Speed: 10

Software used to slice?

If using Asura,what version and profiles: 2.2.2 with Moai 130 40 µm and my own calibration

Infill %: 100%



looks like some layers are squeezed together, you can try to re-level to 10.8 or reduce the z-reset position value



Thank you for the quick reply! I have reduced my Z-reset position by 1 to 1815 and am seeing no improvement yet. I will keep going until the problem is solved or my print doesn’t stick to platform any more :slight_smile:



the big circle doesn’t seem to get much problem, try to tilt the bar with the hole about 45 deg, the Moai is not great when print directly or parallel to the built-plate



As I said, the printer works perfectly in normal applications, so this is not a support request.
I’d just like to figure out why this happens in these unusual and very difficult prints and maybe solve it it later. Ideas are welcome!
Rotating the print would work, but sometimes there might be different holes in different angles, so it’s not a universal solution.

I have printed a few more pieces with Z-reset position reduced in steps of 1:

It improves things a little bit, but the small holes are still not perfectly round.

I think the problem is that resin is sqeueezed into the hole all the time:

So next I think I will try to fill the holes with precisely shaped support material with a 0.1mm gap maybe?



I also think that inner supports will help a lot.

When dealing with small diameter holes I have noticed that it is impossible to cut the supports with cutters so I use an exacto knife to cut the supports or just punch the supports out with a big syringe needle.