Holes in build plate

I’m fairly new to resin printing. I’ve noticed that the pictures of some metal build plates (moai 200?) have holes all over them. Can someone please explain to me what those are for? How do they help the print process and what happens if you have a support where the base lines up with one of those holes? Don’t you just end up with cured resin in your vat or resin you need to dig out of the holes somehow?
Sorry if I’m missing something obvious.

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To my knowledge the holes prevent air from getting trapped under the big plate. The resin will get trapped/cured in the holes and/or leave round marks on flat surfaces printed directly on the plate.

@Gimungus with a large surface area like 200x200 mm, it would create large vacuum when the build plate is lifted of, this means large amount of unnecessary peel force is added and will break your model
the holes is created so that the resins can flow through and reduce the peel force added
it does take some cleaning and check after the model is printed, but the success rate is much higher
and it’s not good to have SLA models printed directly on the build plate, always have supports under them

Ok, that makes sense. Is there a representation of the plate and hole locations available for Asura so a user can ensure that no support is placed directly over a hole? I typically use lots of supports with small footprints and it’d be a shame to have a print fail because a critical support didn’t have a plate to adhere to due to a hole.

@Gimungus: If your support feet are more than 6mm in diameter then you can be sure none of them will disappear in the hole (4mm).

Those are big holes. On my moai 130 I typically use 2.5mm feet 1 mm thick with 1.5 mm supports and .75mm tips and I’ve only had 1 print fail due to detached support and that was on the model end. Can’t see why I’d ever use supports with bases over 4mm. But as I don’t have this build plate it really doesn’t matter. I just wondered why the holes existed and now I know.
Might still be good to include an approximate hole map in Asura for people who use smaller support feet like me.