Holes and gaps in the prints

Hi all, massive noob here, I’m getting some holes in the prints with the moai 130. I’ve made sure the temperature is in the range, and I’ve added more and more air holes to the design, but it keeps happening. What am I doing wrong?!

Sorry for the terrible photo quality!


When you said that you got the temperature up to range, how did you do so? also, what are your wall thickness settings?

IMG_1554 I’ve got a heater warming the case base of the case, linked up to a thermometer inside the box to keep it at around 28 degrees C. Wall thickness is 2mm. Could this be a suction thing? Here’s a clearer example.

what software are you using to hollow / make supports ?
are you rescaling the model after hollow?
how thick are the wall?

It looks like just a simple issue of too thin walls and perhaps not enough internal supports.

Hi John, I used asura for those models, default settings. I’ve downloaded chitubox, so if anyone knows of an idiots guide to setting that up properly I’d love to hear about it!

The walls are 2mm using peopoly grey resin. I’m making hollow last thing before generating the supports. I’ll give it another go at 3mm and see if that solves it.

Yes, please try the thicker wall setting and please make sure the resin is shaken / stir / mixed well enough before the print,

can you show where are all the vent holes on the model? did you print using Cura and set to 0% infill with wall thickness 2mm?

All the vent holes are in the base of the model 5 2mm holes. I used Asura with 2mm wall thickness and 50 mesh detail with no infill.

try to add more vent holes along the face that points to the build plate of the model, and use 3mm holes, 2mm will come out less due to resin nearby will cured during small circular motion of the laser

I recorded a live demo of hollowing in meshmixer. I dont use any other program for hollowing, its reliable and accurate and gives me a lot more control. I can adjust the inner hollow after hollowing on sections where I feel it needs more thickness.

Automated programs are OK, but if you want full control I suggest trying MM.

@johnchen It looks like something went wrong with the link to your video. Could you possibly repost it? I’ve been using Asura (v2.24) for hollowing and it has been working pretty well, but it’s a bit of a pain to get the drain holes placed the way I want them. It’s difficult to see what’s going on due to the semi-transparent view of the outer surface.

At any rate, I’m pretty familiar with Meshmixer, and I’d like to see your hollowing method.



try the direct link