Here is how to make a Peopoly Moai web interface


Hello all,

I made a device that will control all functions of the Moai via web interface including sending your .stl files to it wirelessly. It started when I replied to the forum here: Wireless SD Card

I made a video on youtube and files on github for anyone who wishes to make one. It works on any web enabled device including phones and can be controlled from anywhere there is an internet connection. You have control over sending files via Flashair w-04 card, power, selector knob press, and selector knob left and right, and of course live video feed of the Moai screen.

Here is the video:



That’s really cool! I’m not in a position to try this now, but maybe in another month or two. The video and docs in the Github zip look very detailed!


Thank you Hypergyaos! I tried to make it very detailed so anybody could follow.


we are happy to put this in the Wiki and help further expanding it. pm sent