HELP with really detailed print

I need to print something that is really detailed and tiny. Here is a picture:
I would like to have some advice. First, is it something that is gonna print or should I find something simpler?
Second, here is a picture of how I oriented it a put the supports:
Is it going to be enough?

I would print something else. When I zoom in on the photo, you can see that a large amount of the leves are not connected… Some designs are created, but not designed to be 3d printed. I would recommend finding a different model to print out

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Even if the leves are connected, the amount of over hangs and island will be created will be impossible for support generation

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Okay, that is what I thought! Thank you

I am really an interest of print result please post it.
But an additional problem is that the leaves are only planes without any strength.
If you get the Problem on printing the leaves you must extrude the leaves in a 3D program like blender.

okay thank you for your advice, I am going to try to extrude the leaves and I will let you know the results.