Help with Moai 130

Hi, I have a Moai 130 for two months now, but all the suddenly all my prints are failing. I have swapped from nex to neon resin, and back again, but the parts are always to soft and most of the time they don’t stick to the building plate. I have tried to change some parameters, and have redone the plate alingment several times. Nothing works. The parts look like they don’t have any infill! Even the calibration cylinders.

I have some pictures… before a perfect lattice structure:

Now the lattice is incomplete:

and other feature (like the outer wall on this scaffold mold) are missing:

Can the vat PDMS already be damaged? Is the laser out of focus?

Hi @RicBapt, sorry for the late reply.
I’ve replied to you through email, the pictures that you provide here are very helpful