Help with loading Moai config. for B9 Creator MAC OSX

I read the “procedure” for loading in the Moai custom platform for B9 Creator for Mac. I am having problems though understanding, being new to this.

It recommends dropping the template files into the “B9 Creator” folder…however, when I try to do that and drag the files onto the folder, the won’t go inside. Can someone give me some clear directive on this so I have the Moai base plate dimensions in B9 C when I load it here out? Sorry if this is a dumb question. lol I got the base plate info from the "Model 3D Youtube Vid.)

Link to Moai baseplate is: (base plate link included instructions to load to b9 C but I am having problems better understanding)

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Hi, I think I managed to do this yesterday after a lot of head-scratching. Make sure to right click on the B9 icon, and then select “open”. This reveals that it is not the program icon, but actually a folder. From there it is quite easy to exchange the files I guess you already downloaded? Best of luck!

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Thanks Hans Still no luck here Right click the icon like the triangle icon thats black and orange? If I right click it just opens the screen to the exiting platforms

Oh, I’m sorry. I mean “show content” not “open”. My OS is in Norwegian. What I did was to find the b9 icon in finder and then “show content”.

The “two-finger”-click if you use a pad like I have on MacBook Pro…

I am adding this to wiki.

I feel very dumb on this one that I am not seeing any of this working. Hans, take a series of screen shots so I fully understand the procedure…will you? I am not finding any place the build plate customized files will allow a drop into. My apologies.

Thats OK. Here’s how I found it “step-by-step”. It will show that there are two folders to be aware of and that you have to click the right one in order to go further to the files.

WORKED!!! HANS!!! YOU are a freaking SAVIOR!!! Thank you SOOOO much!! The video on you tube was very vague with directions…this was the procedure needed!!! Thanks endlessly for taking the time to help me! Hope I can return the favor soon! Have a great weekend!!

Very happy to help you,Tom!I think I was just lucky figure it out:slight_smile:hope you can get b9 up and running this weekend!

I hope to !! I have so many ideas I am sculpting up in z-Brush. I feel like Willy Wonka with this Moai!! I can make anything!!! Will share soon!! Thanks again my friend!

added to my long list of question/answer notes

Z-brush is king!Sounds like I’m in the same «Chockolate Factory»

Yah I sculpt about 7 detailed z-Brush pieces a week for a Company I cannot mention fro collectibles…lol PLUS my own stuff!! I always depended on printing happening elsewhere but reason I am so excited is I HAVE the models and skill set to sculpt and prep .stl output but wanted to be able to self print as well…so Lord help me get this aspect easier as a pipeline to success!!!

That’s really cool!would love to be able to survive by modelling…I am relatively fresh to Zbrush still,but plan to print my first figure by February if everything goes well: