HELP! Post 200 Calibration issues

Hi Everyone,
When my Moai was returned to me it’s calibration was knocked out and the potentiometers had been fiddled with. HELP!
I did the Advanced Moai Calib. and noticed that ‘200-crosscenter.gcode’ and ‘200-moai-adv-calib.gcode’ did not match up. So the machine is currently calibrated to the ‘200-moai-adv-calib.gcode’. which seems to be off center on X axis by +30mm,
With settings at:
X size: 900
Y Size: 900
X dev. : 100
Y dev.: 100
Smooth : 50
Z moto : 8
PM moto : 60

Laser power : 58
XYspeed set: 4
Z Reset : 1877
PM Reset: 40
Zfollows : 40
Comp. X: 100
Comp. Y: 200
Z Initial : 2
PM Initial : 15

I then ran a print and got this :

It looks like it is ok for the first 22mm then it looses it, and creates ‘bloomed’ layers. The Vat is new, everything is clean inside.

I am using another vat (same model) to calibrate. Any help is greatly appreciated.

as long as there’s no distortion, the center only affects the area of printing
can you show the model setup to slice?
from the picture, most likely it’s due to the small supports


In the past, before the calibration was lost- this would of printed without issue.

try printing out the calibration circle paper and re-adjust the laser center :

Hi There,
I have already ran Moai 200 Calibration Check then I ran the Advanced Moai Calib.
The issue I’m finding is that ‘200-yuan test.gcode’ AND ‘200-moai-adv-calib.gcode’ have the same center but ‘200-crosscenter.gcode’ is different. 200Crosscenter seems to match the center of Asura’s output and 200yuan & 200MoaiAdv don’t. It’s hard to calibrate to files that don’t seem to match up.

I have gone to the link you have sent me and will down load from this and start again. I have found it difficult to find my way through all the different versions/drafts of Circle printouts, guides & Gcodes.

Hi Mazzatron,
I´m confused about your printer: Do you use a Moai or a Moai200?
Due to your settings (Z Reset: 1877) it seems to be a Moai, the tests you did are for a Moai200?

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This is a Moai 200 thanks.

Circle Calibration!
This is the first issue I have come across within the guide/ link you have just sent me-

Step3 Galvo test: advises to print [‘calibration circle.pdf’] Is this the correct link? (
" Make sure the Calibration Circle PDF is printed at 100% scale, do not use the Fit to page option. The dimensions of the printed box should be 5-1/8" (130.18mm), and the largest circle should be 200 mm diameter. "

When this ‘calibration circle.pdf’ is printed at 100% we get No.3 (see image). The largest is 200mm but does not fit within VAT A or VAT B. The “printed box” is not 130.18mm. This does not have the shifted spacing that is nearer the back and does not match the image in the guide.

When I print the file so that the printed box is 130.18mm we get No.2 (See image). It doesn’t fit exactly into either VAT A or VAT B. This does not have the shifted spacing that is nearer the back and does not match the image in the guide.

I also have file No. 1 from Advanced Moai Calibration. ( . Which is a different pattern but DOES fit into VAT A. with the shifted spacing that is nearer the back. This matches the image in the guide except there is no text on the image in the guide.

Ultimately, I would like the correct pdf and also I need the guide to be clear on sizing as both written instructions and dimensions seem to be wrong.

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I can´t see that you have a Moai200.
Moai/Moai130 and the Moai200 are totally different printer, the size of the vat is also different.
The pictures you show us below are showing us vats from a Moai/Moai130? Your Parameter list, especially Z Reset: 1877 is not of a Moai200 (Z Reset is here roughly 2570 or similar).

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As previously mentioned, this is for a Moai 200.

I am aware that they are different units, hence different model numbers. VAT A has been used in Moai 200 for just under a year (before the calibration was lost) and VAT B came with the machine. I understand what you said about the Z Reset 1877 being for Moai 130 and I understand that the standard 200 setting is Z reset 2570.
Can you explain to me how the Z reset relates to the XY calibration? Which is what I am trying to obtain at the moment, as previously explained.

I think what @framecrack is trying to tell you is that the vats you are showing are for a standard Moai (aka Moai 130), not a Moai 200, hence the 130 mm width of the vats. If you do indeed have a Moai 130, then you should use a 130 mm calibration sheet for it. I believe there are different sheets depending on which vat you use: PDMS (Vat A in your photo) or FEP (Vat B).

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Calibration circle for PDMS vat:

Calibration circle for FEP vat:

These are for the Moai 130 and came from the Moai Calibration Check guide.


Hi @rowiac and @framecrack,
Thanks for your pointers and for clarifying, I will follow these calibrations and get back to you.
Thanks again.

@Mazatron If you are just getting started with your Moai, I would recommend starting with the PDMS vat, since it appears to be more forgiving in general. My PDMS vat has worked well for about 1 L of resin so far. I have no experience with the FEP vat however.

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Thanks, I think there’s been a mix up this end too, as we have both models but only an issue with the 200 and what seems like a million different versions of the guide.

Yeah, the wiki is tricky to navigate. It would be nice if there were one place with links to all the latest guides and downloads.

I also encountered some similar issues you, thank you for sharing