Help me with calibration


Hi I need some help with the calibration of the Moai, ever since I got the printer (september2018) I’m unable to get it leveled properly. When I print the testfile (the corner pillars a,b,c,d) I cant get corner a leveled properly, all the other pillars are 10,75 mm when i measure them but piller A is either not printing or it prints but it gets to short. There is a flattened circle at both the build platform and at the bottom of the reservoir.
I’m using the FEP vat.

Please help me I have this printer for over half a year but havent been able to get a single proper print out of it.

Kind regards

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Can you post photos or your settings, or at least copy every setting on you Moai here for people to look at?



My settings:



Advanced settings:



This is what ends up on my buildplate



set the PM motor speed to 10, FEP vat is not good when it comes to high peeling force



Hi thanks for the quick response, so I set the PM motor speed down to 10 it did print the pilar in the A corner but it was 11mm. when I screw it (half a turn to drop it 0.3mm) to match b,c and d which all are 10,7 it gives me the same result as in the earlier posted picture. Is this a proces where I reduce the PM motor speed even more and try to match it to the other pillars? (I am trying this right now) or is there an other issue i can/should resolve?



is the problem still happens even with lower PM motor speed?



Check there are no problems with your vat. If you keep failing in the corner, presumably you have to keep scraping off an error which might have damaged the layer.



Heey I checked for layer damage but there doesn’t seem to be anything there the first picture is the failing corner and the second is a printing corner both seem fine. I thought I had pillar c at the correct height (at one point i know for sure i did) but as of right know it seems to have the same issue, so on my last measure pillar a and c where both 11mm and when i screw them half a turn to drop it 0.3mm they both don’t print. Also i am printing with a PM motor speed of 5. I think I do something wrong but i just cant figure out what.




Corner B
To me they seem similar



Also a picture of my buildplate but this one seems normal to me as well.



ok. What about temps? What kind of temperatures are you printing in? if it is too cold it might not be curing properly.

Or is there anything underneath that may be obstructing the laser?



you can check the interference to see if you are missing anything:[]=interference



Heey I think it was due to temperature, i heated up the room where I was printing and the pillars printed as wel as another print that had failed many times before. Thank you so mutch!



Great to hear!

I know there are mixed reviews on here but I can’t recommend the Peopoly heater enough, works really well for me.



Heey I was just wondering about that, but you don’t recommend but it does work really wel for you can you elaborate a little on that?



JackyBoy does recommend the heater strongly. You just misunderstood his expression “…can’t recommend it enough.” --> means he really recommends it.

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Aah yes, my apologies. I think it is very good and I do recommend people to buy it!

You have to drill a hole for the cable to come out, but other than that it’s pretty simple and effective!



what is that resin? keep resin temperature > 25C makes everything easier. if it is the black resin, get laser power up to 59

the easiest way to increase adhesion is to increase z-reset.
increase by 2 and see if that helps.

also make sure the plate is absolutely clean

if you are willing to open the side panel, don’t change z-reset and instead do a counterclockwise turn (as if you are looking up to the plate from the bottom of the printer) you will notice that corner of platform rise up a bit if you perform correctly. and run a test.