Help getting moai 130 printing

So it’s been along time since I last posted here but since my last time i had used the printer due to work. I had recently came back to trying to use the printer and it worked for a bit then suddenly I cant print anything usable from the machine. Either chunks are missing, the print rips apart or it wont stick to the build plate. I’ve ready gone through basically every thing people over on facebook suggested amd nothing has worked at all. I’ve tried printing with the heater off, shimed the vat, tighten everything to make sure, cleaned the galvos, a new vat I even took the entire machine apart cleaned everything made sure it was in good conditions then rebuilt te machine and still wont work. I’ve tried re printing old print that did print successfully and they failed as well so it’s not a gcode issue. All my printer settings are default, should include images of my settings, and I’m using default profiles in cura and asura, I’ve tried both slicers and no success. Any ideas of what else can be done? I’m about ready to move on to a new printer if I cant get this one working to print things for work I’ve spent over 1 month working on this with no success.

I tried printing this model as a test model just because it was part of a piece i was working on which is why I came back to fixing the printer. I tried printing it flat just because I was out of ideas at that point.

Also I do have the heavy duty z axis hence the 1930 a height.

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You did not mention the resin you are using. It might be old if you have not used the printer in a long time. The resin is made up of at least two monomers. These two monomers are caused to form a polymer by the uv light. If the resin has been sitting for a long time it may have begun to polymerize on its own. All of these types of plastics have a shelf life, even epoxy glue will begin to polymerize on its own over time. Try a fresh bottle of resin.

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Sorry for not coming back to this post. I have since the time of the post fixed the issue.

How did you solved your issue? Was it a resin problem?

Thank you