HELP! Beta 1.18 beta V2 on early Moai

I doing a 3D printing documentary. I am trying to set the state of the HE2 and HE3 I/O pins to trigger my camera using M1009 and M1010. Also need to stop the tilt operation (using M1004?) and I need the M1002 pause code to work as well. None work because I think the firmware isn’t correct… The machine hangs on any of the new M codes.
So, I have been trying to put version 1.18 Beta V2 on an orginal Moai. Currently when I boot the version shows “SLA-125 V1.18”. So I believe it’s not updating to the beta firmware.

So… how I know if 1.18 Beta V2 is install or how do I install it? I put 3DPrint.bin and SLA_130.bin (both created on July 19th 2021) on an SD-CARD and fire up the Moai, it boots immediately and doesn’t seem to load the new firmware.

Do I need to go back to 1.17 and then try again? If so, how do I do that?

This is critical. The project is already late because of this.

Please HELP!

Thanks in advance!

The SD card from Peopoly and came with the Moai didn’t work, but an SD card from Micro Center DID work. So I was ably to update the Moai to Beta 2 (1.20).

Hi Scott, please contact by email so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time, thank you for your support.

I tried emailing support but the email message just bounced back. What is the correct email address?

It appears the M1005 to pause seems to work in v1.20 (September 2020) – This is good.

However the M 1009 and 1010 codes to set the HE2 and HE3 Signal lines seem to do nothing. I get 3.3V from the Signal pin on HE2 using a Voltmeter, but it never changes. Oddly I’m getting 4V on the + line.

Moving the Z axis without toggling a peel using the M1003 only works to the nearest 1/10th of a mm. So if I was printing at .05mm with peeling, how would I accomplish that. I just want peeling turned off completely.