Heater for Moai


Hello I’m Nano and I’m jewellery designer and I decide buy one Moai.
I would like know if is important buy the Heater for Moai because I live in Australia and in the local store (Humipixels) where they sell Moai this product is sold out.
here is summer right now but I live in the mountain and the weather is cold in night time
I’m 3d designer for more 10years (it’s not a problem) but this is my first 3d printer
Is there something I should know?


The resin should be around 25-28c during printing. If this is the case without a heater in the chamber then you don’t need a separate heater. Some people heat the resin in the vat before printing starts by eg. putting the vat on a FDM printers heated bed.


Raising the temperature of the resin is essential for a good print. As it’s temperature raises, the resin becomes more fluid and it gets easier to be printed by the machine. The sounds from the platform detaching from the vat are less hearable. The printer becomes quiter. In my Moai I installed vertically two heated printer beds controlled by thermostats on the left/right sides of the printing chamber. I print at 29 degrees C and yes, it makes a notable difference compared with a non heated chamber.


ok thanks
I is good to know


ok thanks
here is more 29 degrees now.
i’ll look what happens