Heater for build chamber


Maybe built one yourself, if this solutions are available more quickly on your side.

But also search a bit more. I found the mini heater after searching a bit more. And delivery time can vary if you are ordering from ebay, amazon, etc.


A cheap alternative is ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076F2HKD6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 )


Just a little clarification on this whole temp thing. Does your room temperature need to be above 20 degrees Celsius or is it the resin that needs to be that temperature?


it is the resins that needs to be above 20c. 25c for best performance.

but don’t blow heat directly at galvo or galvo drivers.


I read at the incubator site that it is preset at 90 degrees, so I’m wondering if The thermostat is adjustable?
Looks like a good way to go. How has it been working so far?


Yes the temperature is adjustable. It has instructions that are pretty simple.
It has been working great for me so far. I have used it quite a bit and it really helped me get better prints


This is my take

Following the suggestions here on the forum I used this heater https://www.banggood.com/100W-12V-60x60mm-DC-PTC-Fan-Heater-Constant-Temperature-Incubator-p-1140562.html?rmmds=detail-left-hotproducts__1&cur_warehouse=UK and this thermostat https://www.banggood.com/DC-12V-50-to-110-Temperature-Control-Switch-Heat-Cool-Temp-p-933303.html?rmmds=home-mid-relatedViewed&cur_warehouse=UK

The power comes from a 120w switching PSU. The total cost is about €40.

It works pretty well, it reaches 25C very quickly but it’s the resin that needs to warm up so it is better to run the heater at least 15 minutes before commencing the actual print.


Haaaa that is too funny. I JUST posted my solution for this which uses the same heater. Looks like you got a much better deal on your heater tho. Looks like I could have gotten a better deal on mine Lol.


The main thing is that it works like a charm😃


Hey @matt3o mind sharing your heater holder and wiring diagram? :wink:

How do you feed current to the setup?

How do you operate the whole thing, aka which things do you turn on / off first, when, how, etc. :wink:



Hey Whazaa congrats to you too :wink:

Whats that nice case you use for your temp reader?

What does the switch turn on/off? Just the display or the whole thing?



Also @Whazaa how did you hold the heater on the moai?


I will post a full report.

The thermostat can work both at 110/220v ac and 12v dc, so you can connect the power for the heater directly to it or --like I did-- connect it after ac/dc adapter, which seems safer.

@peopoly didn’t put any power supply inside the moai despite there’s quite some room for it in the lower chamber, I guess it could interfere with the galvo and electronics… So I placed the power supply for the heater externally. It’s a standard 135w switching PSU.

I’ll post details shortly.


I installed the temp display in a project box on top of my Moai. The sensor cable and the power cable for the heater run alongside the z-axis and down to the vat so I can get the temp from the vat region. The power switch turns on the heater and the temp display so I don’t need to power up my Moai before it is printing time. Both temp display and heater runs on 220V AC so I installed an AC power connector on the bottom of the Moai and connected ground to the aluminium chassi.

I installed a DIN rail for the heater on the back of the build chamber in the Moai with double sided tape so I can remove it if necessary.

Hera are links to the hardware.



I have build yet another alternative for a heater unit based on a 220V 200Watt 200x200mm Silicone pad.
I don’t know where to put this post so I might have put it in the wrong place, Perhaps it belongs here… or not.

See my post: