Heater for build chamber


Great find! I got one from an ebay US seller. Hooked it up to an Arduino and relay for temperature control and indeed it works great and not too much blowing air inside the case.


My thermostat arrived a couple of days ago, now everything is working :slight_smile: , but still have to test how this setup will work with the printing. I have this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hot-STC-2000-220V-55-120-Digital-Temperature-Controller-Thermocouple-Sensor/182324805382?hash=item2a7367bf06:g:kPoAAOSwB09YKRIK Its a good setup too, you can get it for around 15£ (heater and thermostat) if you don´t mind to wait 1 month (I didn´t so I paid a little bit more)


Id l ike to see your set up please - is it running the mini heater you posted earlier ?
I might well do the same !


Simple setup, I can even easily disconnect the heater and use it normally on myself :slight_smile:

wire setup for the thermostat. From left to right, sensor - Power - heater

the door can be closed, although with the wires it will leave a small gap, but even so the heater can go up to 34ºC or higher, in a room at 15ºC.

Heater for Build chamber - DIY module kit £13

Actually, if the wires are stripped to use on the thermostat, it would be fairly easy to drill a hole in the casing to allow them to be poked through the back…


indeed. its as you said.


This is the cheap thermostat I am using https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073W425LW/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B073W425LW&pd_rd_wg=25R23&pd_rd_r=R11HZ0T5SGJ7P5VQD2KZ&pd_rd_w=BKlWs it’s even less without the acrylic case. Just search for W1209

Super easy to program also and can switch a 10 amp load and comes with a temp sensor.

and I use it with a 150 Watt 12V PTC heater module, also cheap and works great https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076Q7DDKL/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I also bought 2 of these to take a part and mess with, but later decided it is much safer placing with DC than AC lol.

I’m just planning to use mine under the VAT, not worried about dust. I thought about using a glass cell-phone screen protector to cut down and glue to the Galvo module to seal the mirrors. not sure yet.


Hi fellow “Moaiers”

This is my input on the heat chamber setup. It works really good and the heater has its own temp sensor that holds the temp above 25 degrees celsius in the chamber. No fan to cause any unwanted air flow.

I have a separate temp sensor close to the vat and it shows the chamber temp on the display on top on the printer. I will also try to place the sensor probe in the resin in a corner of the vat so that I can read the resin temp.

Keep tinkering and printing!


Enclosure Heater - Under $100 - "Easy" to assemble
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wow that looks very neat. What components did you use ?

Ive ordered the set up by @Goncalo_Amorim_Sousa but yet to have all the parts with me to assemble.


Here are the links to the parts used in my setup:



The setup runs on 220V so I have that solved this way:



Thats a nice looking heater.
You could mount the PSU inside the unit and wire in the mains feed so you only have a single mains input too with a switch to turn on/off just the heater too.


I wanted to follow up on my earlier reply regarding mounting the Incu-Kit heater in the roof of the Moai. The TLDR is: it fits and works well.

I mounted the heater temporarily using rare-earth ring magnets in the back left corner (B position) of the build chamber. Four magnets were used 2 on the heater and 2 outside the machine to anchor the heater in place. Wiring is temporarily routed through the door using painter’s tape. The advantage of this set-up is that no permanent modification (drilling etc) was necessary, the heater can be removed when no longer needed (summer), and the heater can be repositioned by simply dragging the external magnets slowly across the machine.

The magnets are 1.25 inch neodymium ring magnets sold by Amazon by DIYMAG. The stand-offs are the standard set included with the Incu-Kit heater. I added plastic washers to the magnets to recess the screws (for the heater mounts) and to protect the acrylic from scratches. (Also, these magnets will pinch skin hard, so a little extra spacing helps avoid injuries.)

Pictures follow (I hope).

Heating solution for the MOAI- $52 hack for interior heater/fan/thermostat
Layer Lines on test ring

Mine is also attached using NeoDin magnets as i too didn’t want to drill through my original case. Just saving up to get new panels to laser.

I have mine attached at the bottom circulating air around the vat, this does mean the resin does heat up quickly, and im sure its getting hotter than it needs, but the thermistor is sat the tilt motor side of the vat on so should catch the air going round.
Ideally i want it to be sat around the middle so that the heat rises to heat the base aluminium block, but also around the chamber.
I will expect to put the thermistor lower towards the vat so that it measures temperature closer to the vat.

The heater that was posted in another post looked really nice with its curved case cowling around it, am designing something similar to this for mine.

Have you been able to measure the resin temp in the vat when this heater setup is on?



I have not measured the resin temp - only the temp near the vat. The heater works really well and holds the chamber temp between 23-25 degrees celsius. It takes approx. 20 min to heat the chamber.



I am using the mini heater with a smart things multi-sensor inside the printer. Using SmartRules to monitor the temperature and turn off the heater at 33 and turn it on at 31. Works pretty well.


I wonder if you can simply turn the fan around to where it’s drawing from the heaters and blowing to the back of the unit…


I am wondering if something like this could work:

Size wise they fit, no need for a fan and has a ‘thermostat’ and switch.
I got one on the way and will let you know how things go.


Mechanically, it should work. I’d be concerned that there would not be enough air flow to prevent the resistors (heating elements) from overheating or overheating the control board.


I agree with Paradoxical-cat, no air flow. I´ve used a heating pad before and on surface it was going 40ºC and up… on surface, but inside the printing chamber it only raised the temp by 3-4ºC like from 16C to 19C. These pads might only work to pre heat the vat, and even this not sure it is a good idea. You have better options in this thread.


Thanks for the feedback.

Cancelled the heating mat for now after those suggestions. I had a look at the other options before thinking of ordering this one but unfortunately they all take almost 2 months to ship to Montreal by which time spring will start kicking in.
I’ll have another hunt for something tonight that can be delivered quicker then that.