Heater and LEDs for MOAI

I put together a heater for my printer and thought I would share. You can find it here on Thingiverse

It uses inexpensive parts available through Banggood and Amazon. Total cost including the power adapter is about $45.

The power supply needs to be able to supply around 8 Amps of power so get a power supply that is capable of that. The wiring should use a minimum of 18 gauge wire or the current could cause heat build up and problems. Do not use any plugs unless rated for at least 8 Amps. Hard wiring is best.

The parts were printed in PLA without any supports. Parts are included to manage the wiring and the sensor. If you use the power supply I used the plug is the same as the plug for the MOai so I have include a little plate that labels the heater plug. I printed it in two colors (layer change) so that the text would stand out. Also I included a plate that can be mounted under the power switch with Heater setting information, this is optional.

Also setup some LED lights to illuminate the interior. I used one in each corner facing down and one mounted horizontal to light up the build plate only when the door is opened. That is controlled by a micro switch that is triggered when the door opens. The other lights are on a switch mounted in the interior but I am going to replace the MOAI power switch with a double pole one and use the second section to turn on the corner LEDs when the printer is powered on. You can find it here on Thingiverse


very nice. and a giant heater. 28-35C is the sweet spot. over 40C is not good for resin over long duration

wow, it looks neat and also can you post the link for heater

The link for the heater is on the Thingiverse page from the top of my post.

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thanks for the information, we try it on my moai

How is this set up holding up after a 1.5 yrs?

The links your provide are for bulk items and such like the switches and stuff. All in all this setup with the links you provided is just under $70 without tax and shipping added. I do like it a bit more as you can dial in the temp for your situation.

It has been working great since I installed it. A friend with a Peopoly also is using this system but he did have a problem with the controller failing on him after a year or so. They are cheap to replace and available on Amazon Prime.The most expensive item is the power supply seeing how it has to supply 10 Amps of current.