Having trouble printing. Please help


Having trouble printing anything bigger than test ring and towers. The supports always break. Can somebody please help ?

Using easy level plate with fep vat

Towers print at 10.58

Ring was overcurred a bit but one point down in power makes it fail.

Using peopoly grey

Picture of settings and how the prints keep turning out are below. Thank you

Ps: this is what I’m trying to print. Using asura. It’s hollowed out with three holes on the bottom for venting



there are a few things i recommend you to do:
1,try to set the z reset position to 1816, and re-level the vat
2,set the laser power to 58 and print the test ring again, post your results here, it may seems a bit over-cured on the ring but under-cured for your print
3,PM reset position can be set to 10 instead of 60, this won’t effect your print but 60 will increase the amount time to finish, this is optional (this is the angle that the vat tilts)
4,increase the support density to reduce the supports needed=> less peel force

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Ok thanks. I’ll try those steps.



Ok. re-leveled. And changed the laser power to 58 and set pm reset from 60 down to 10.
Tower test printed at
A 10.72
B 10.76
C 10.76
D 10.79

Ring test print successful on first attempt.

Attempting to print a bigger model again. Made supports more dense as suggested. :crossed_fingers:



Failed again. Looks like the first layers split.



A member on FB noticed what might be the problem. The vat is loose. It rocks even after clicking into place. I just taped it in and am starting a print to see if it helps

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Yes i noticed that also, the vat does move slightly after clicking, horrible printer.



Shimmed the vat so it is no longer loose. Releveled to
A 10.74
B 10.81
C 10.71
D 10.7

Print still split at the base :rage:



With my problem I discovered some cloudiness in the area of the vat that I printed the DIY tests, maybe u have a similar issue?

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I’ll double check. I’m printing on a different area of the vat now to see if it does the same thing right now.



The splitting at the base is usually due to undercuring of the first layers or undue peel force during the printing. These layers are overcured intentionally to promote bonding to the build platform. However, the resin is still “green” after polymerization and, thus, structurally weak. Failure along layer lines of the base can be a symptom of overloading.

I am guessing that the problem is the peel forces due to the size of your model. I suggest reducing the PM setting to try and reduce the draw force. Also, is the model hollowed and vented? Improper venting will increase suction forces and can damage the print.

As for movement in the vat, it should not be an issue as long as it doesn’t move during the polymerization phase. Some movement during the peel phase is expected, as even the FEP will flex under load.

I have one last thought: have you tried (do you have) the original build plate? I am wondering if you are experiencing shifting in the easy-level build plate, which is also damaging the model.



I got that model to print perfectly after re leveling upping the laser to 59 and replaced the fep. Thank you.



glad that you solved the problem, but how is the print exactly, does 59 makes it over cured?



How do I tell if it’s over cured ? I’m frustrated with this printer. I cannot get consistent prints. And if I try a large print it always fails after the base now. I’m guessing it’s user error though. It’s leveled. A 10.6 B 10.7 C 10.6 D 10.7 and I’m using the settings you told me to use and I’m using the moai heater. Asura supports fail and tried using chitubox supports (which is what got the matterhackers astronaut to print), but if I try to print anything big, my prints always fail, while my elegoo mars has been popping out prints non stop :pensive:.



if it’s overcured, it will result in lost in details, some case have weird looking artifacts
to sum up, you can now print out small objects but not big models?
even though it’s easy to understand that big models tends to fail on FEP because it require much care on the peel force, try to cut the model into smaller pieces and print them, if it still fails, we will need another approach



Ok then I don’t think I’m over curing. The detail looks good. Yes, I can print small models. I’m just not able to print large. I’m playing around with supports to figure out how to do large prints. I rather not have to split my models. If I was going to do that I might as well just use my elegoo mars lol. I got the moai so I can print larger.