Has anyone used Makerjuice standard resin?

I just bought some on clearance at MatterHackers and didn’t notice that they had replaced the g+ which I had seen people had used and was on the exposure spreadsheet with the new “standard” resin. On MatterHackers site it says it “is ideal for the moai” but then it says it will also work for LCD printers. Is this the type of resin I have to use only on the FEP vat?

Kinda mad I didn’t notice this as there are no returns.

any LCD resin is not ideal for Moai, since it’s SLA printer
but Makerjuice is printable and yes it’s better to print on FEP since the heat from LCD resin will ruin your PDMS
follow the laser settings here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t8bjlfk7irSJFy3kzOr-I6SN5acE8UIlOl2E4r3dG_8/edit#gid=0

I don’t see any settings for standard just the G+

I use the Makerjuice Standard on my Moai with laser power set to 53, That is using the FEP bed otherwise i use basic Asura gcode

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but which printer is that for the Moai series or can this be similar for phenom? You may want to split the google doc for each printing process… since sla and msla might be different going fwd…

it is at line 45-46-47 in the datasheet

We will have to make a separate wiki for the Phenom,
Startup guide and basic guide is at it’s final stage now, but for trouble shooting like in Moai wiki, it would have to be developed over time

Thanks so much!! They actually sent me two bottles by mistake so I got each liter for 23$ so maybe I will try and jsut print with it.

How do you find the print results to be compared to peopoly resin?

We have not used that brand in house so I am afraid we can not give any comments on it

So far I have had great luck with the makerjuice, I will be talking with them on resin settings for the phenom once I get that also.

Here was the white Makerjuice standard on the Moai ( i assume its the 130 since it was the kickstarter one).
I printed this car at 80 micron https://photos.app.goo.gl/mApREeiV33s3JGWH9