Has anyone tried eSun PLA based resin?



This stuff. Supposed to be PLA based instead of Acrylic based. I ordered some, since it’s super cheap. Hoping someone else has tried it and can give me a starting point for my print settings.



Got the esun resin in already. It was on Amazon with free 1 day shipping! I’ve got two more prints to finish that need to be done in peopoly tough resin. I’ll probably try the esun resin this weekend. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to come up with workable print settings.

If anyone has some settings for any other DLP resins that I could use a as a starting point, i would be grateful.

Otherwise… I guess I’ll start with settings for “regular” peopoly model resin and see what I get.



resins not made for laser will probably be hard to figure out, 58 will probably be too high, start low like 51 then work up if needed, no need to ruin a FEP film or pdms which ever you are using. good luck



Start low and adjust upwards. DLP resin has a significantly higher titer of photoinitiator to make up for the lower energy output of the light source. Start at 40-45 laser power. If you don’t want to run a full print, using an empty vat, put a drop of resin on a piece of plastic wrap and activate the Moai laser (wear the safety glasses) for a second. If it polymerizes, then you are in a working range. Repeat, turning the laser down until the resin no longer polymerizes. 1-2 points above that point should be your starting point.

Otherwise, just print the corner posts, they are relatively fast. Just start with a lower power to avoid excess heat generation (more of an issue with PDMS) and over polymerization.

Hope that helps.



Thanks, guys. I was thinking of cutting one of the leveling posts in half and placing it in the middle of the print area for testing.

Is laser power something that can be sent to the printer in gcode? If so, it could be useful to fire at a couple spots in varying power levels to more quickly see what sticks. I guess I’ll have to look that up.

Edit: Looks like the answer is yes, you can set laser power via gcode! Moai Beta Firmware - extended gcode commands

Might be easiest to design a print in the software and manually edit the gcode to vary the laser power. Then I’ll be able to look at the print and see what worked best.



Can anyone who has this resin comment on what sort of odor it has? Comparable to other resins, different, less?



I bought some, and opened it to smell. I haven’t actually printed anything with it yet. It smells like plastic. Kind of like the smell you get from an FDM printer. Since I’m just smelling the open bottle, I can’t say whether it will be strong or not.

If you’re just looking for the better smell, peopoly tough resin (clear) is much more pleasant to use than the “regular” peopoly resin. I’ve also got some Siraya tech resin. Peopoly recommended it. I’m pretty sure they said that Peopoly actually makes the Siraya resin, but I might have misunderstood. I believe it’s supposed to be very similar to the peopoly tough, except cheaper (and translucent blue instead of clear).

I haven’t actually printed anything with the Siraya resin, either. That peopoly tough resin has been working so well for me that I hesitate to drain my vat :).

The eSun resin comes in a metal bottle. I think I’ll have to reuse it for something else once it’s empty.