Hardware assembly stabiliy


There will likely be a bit of churn on this topic, however, I have a lot of experience with aircraft maintenance and there is significant support for doing something to aid in retention of hardware.

I have read many posts here where the recommendation was to check for loose hardware.

Purple Loctite (or any equivalent) in conjunction with torque specifications could possibly go a long way to eliminating some of the vibration induced loosening. I have also read about damaged fasteners and poor quality hardware. Perhaps some of that could simply be over tightening?

I don’t think anyone has purchased one of these machines with the expectation of constant fiddling and failed prints. It would be nice to get things working and to keep it that way.



thanks for the feedback. we have many units that are still been used for production that were made from a year ago and still printing well. Purple Loctite is a good idea and I will see if we can incorporate it.



Determining “correct” torque is a complicated matter and involves calculations based on forces, friction, materials and other factors. Applying torque with a torque wrench also needs to be done methodically; the fastener should be lubricated and should move freely in order to apply what is intended. That said, here are some guidelines that can be used as a starting point and adjusted as appropriate. The units in the chart are N*m.

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I would love torque settings for all the Moai fixings - I’m trying to diagnose the dreaded horizontal printing bands in my Moai at the moment and most advice seems to be ‘check for loose hardware’.

I don’t want to strip threads though and am well versed in using a torque wrench for finicky bike components so having some sort of reference for what everything should be tightened to would be very helpful.



Do the horizontal printing bands occur while a Peopoly heater is running?



Mine? Yes, but let’s not derail this thread - it’s about torque settings for screws and general fixing retention.

I’m going to try a bunch of stuff then will open another thread if I can’t resolve it on my own.



Hello achingbrain!

A note on the main topic:

The screws of a screw connection must be tightened so tightly that the connection does not come loose even in the event of vibrations.

However: over tightening the screw can damage the internal thread in the counter material or the screw itself.

On Moai no significant vibrations occur. Only the load peaks during the peel process from the FEP film are sometimes considerable. For this, the mechanics of the Moai 130 is not designed. The Moai 200 is already more stable. Unfortunately, this problem can not be solved by an optimal tightening torque of the screws.

Here’s my well-intentioned reference to your note “…diagnose the dreaded horizontal printing bands …”:
PeoPoly heater problem, analysis and solution

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