Glycerin/Glycerol Post Curing


i wonder why Glycerin and Glycerol is used for post curing UV Resins in other industries like the hearing aid production. What benefit does it have compared to just plain water? Is the free Oxygen content lower or is it maybe more transparent for uv light? I can´t really find anything on this topic online.


Just a spitball: if the resin needs to be flexible or softer, the glycerin may permeate surface of the green resin and provide a smoother, workable surface.

As your question made me curious, I did a little research: the only mention I found was in investment casting. Apparently, glycerol/glycerin/baby oil are purported to improve the mold burn-out results.

In general, glycerin/glycerol are used to “float” resin in top-down SLA to avoid having to fill the entire vat with liters of expensive resin. But that is not finishing.

Actually, prints are submerged in glycerin to starve them of oxygen and fully cure them. This what dentist do to cure thier prints.
Glycerin is almost non-reactive.
*Note: I’ve been doing this lately with water and a drop of dish soap. Works great!

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