Get Better post-cast results with Waxcast!


I know there is a lot of opinion when it comes to using Maker juice wax cast, But I wanted to post my results using the low heat/vacuum curing method.

Prints were done mostly stock settings (1.18) except for PM motor which is set to 10. In Cura stock settings at 60 detail.

First picture I want to show is the difference in the resin between just UV cure and low heat/vacuum. UV cure is on the right with vacuum/low heat on the left.

As you can see the vacuum/low heat method makes the surface a little more harder and less prone to having the resin stuck to the surface of the investment during cure.

Using Plasticast 37-100 ml mix, and following the burnout procedure listed in this article,-
these were the results before pickle/cleaning:

As you can see the results are pretty amazing as long as you follow the curing method and burnout listed in the article I referenced above.


If you can share this to this thread, you can reach more readers: Wax Resin Alternatives and Settings/Use for Jewelers


Awesome results. Are there any reference videos for vacuum curing? If so, can you link them here. thanks


Here is a link to instructions made by James Binnion.

Or you can go the easier way (Like I did) and purchase one of these Amazon, along with a two stage vacuum pump.