Gap in clear resin

In every print I get the same gap (see image). I’m printing this vase under an angle of 30 degrees. I’ve tried to turn the design 90 degrees horizontally with new support, I’ve tried to turn the design incl. support 15 degrees and 180 degrees horizontally but the same gap shows up in every print. I have also experimented with holes in the vase bottom but also without succes.

Can anybody help me?

If the same hole appears in the same place on the model regardless of print orientation you probably have a problem with your model.
It’s a thin wall vase make sure the model is clean in that location and the wall thickness is consistent. A hole could mean your inner and outer wall faces are passing through each other. Since it appears to be happening in an area with geometric design that’d be my first place to look.

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I have printed another similar shape and I get a gap at the same place. See attachment.

Also the quality at the lower part of the print is not OK.

I would throw the model into meshmixer to check with it. Also with that particular design. way it is, you will have a lot of suction when the model is moving in the vat and can stress out the model while printing… There is a good example here by Mark Rhodes on drainage holes and is a good example of suction

Can you check the model and try add the holes to the model? When you are done with them, you can seal up the holes after removing it

Please check your moai to see if there’s anything went lose, check your vat for imperfections
Was there any vibration during the print? Do you have the heater installed?

I have made 2 new prints. The print on the left of the images has one 3mm hole and the print on the richt of the images has three 3mm holes. The gap in the print with one hole almost disappeared but the gap in the print with three holes is still there. What to do?

If I change the angle of the print on the plate the gap is still there so I think it has nothing to do with the printer itself or vat. There was no vibration and yes, I have installed the heater.

The lack of a vent/drain hole on the bottom of the “cup?’ Means that the suction caused by the peel force could be deforming each layer edge during peel. Try placing a small 2-3mm hole on the bottom amongst the supports to prevent suction cup forces during peel and this might go away. The hole can then be patched with a couple drops of resin after printing. Fill resin can be post cured with a uv light. I use a small handheld laser with the same specs as the one on the printer and it cures fill holes in seconds.

Sorry, just actually read your post not just looked eat the pics. Where are the holes? I can’t see the. In the photos. They should be at the top ( closest to the build plate to allow air in during peel.

Crap, never mind. Those holes looked like bubbles to me. It’s too early I the morning to be posting. I’m out of ideas.

3mm usually should have worked but it requires a lot of them
the reason why the hole shrinks is due to the small circle motion that would easily cure the surrounding resin, so 3mm will came out like 2mm or smaller

It seems that the big gaps are gone and now left with layer lines, from what you described above this can be due to resin cupping , which means not enough vent holes, add more of them, especially at the bottom facing the build plate, and your print should came out fine

What kind of handheld laser do you have?

The problem is that the print with three holes has a gap and the one with only one hole has no gab, just a very bad surface. I would have expected it to be the other way around.

What to do?

I have already waisted 5 liters of resin and 3 FEB sheets to print a cup without result.

I got it off eBay. I’ll check tonight when I’m home which one specifically.
It was about $40.

I have this one. works pretty well. Less expensive than I remember too.

It also depends on where you have your vent holes that matters
3 or 1 would not make a difference, it would basically no holes and the rest is due to how much resin is in the vat that would cause the cupping suction

OK, can you point out where to put the holes in my case and the diameter. Thanks.

if you are printing a vase, which has one side open, then just orient it upside down, the top of the vase will be a giant vent hole. Just make sure to angle the model and have supports generated with z offset about 5mm or more

You mean upside down relative to the platform I assume, right? So in the printer the opening of the vase is on the top side closest to the platform.

Correct on the orientation but be sure to still print it tilted 15 degrees or so, or else the peel force across the bottom of the cup will be pretty big compared to the rest of the print.