Galvo and laser H/W specifcations

Hi it’s me again… asking about H/W for the Moai 130.

Can you point me to the H/W spec for the galvo/laser driver? I want to try controlling it myself. I have a few totally wild ideas I’d like to try. If I come up with something that people could benefit from then I will let you know.

Keep in mind I have ABSOLUTELY zero interest in going into the 3D printer biz. It’s a way over saturated market. But there is lot’s of room for crazy useful ideas to fruit.

I just want to try some crazy ideas on one of my 3 Moai 130’s. I can do it all myself with a new controller if I can get the specs on controling the laser and galvos. Of course I’d use the existing Moai controller if I could, but it’s all proprietary. So I’ll roll my own from a RPi or some other.

I recall that someone a Peopoly told me a while back it was a standard off the shelf galvo controller product, and easy to find the specs, but I haven’t been able to locate them. Analog inputs I believe…

Anyway help would be great. (Of course making it opensource would be great, but I understand you have a lot invested). Forutunately I do not need the accuracy and robustness of an advanced galvo control S/W, drawing a few inaccurate boxes and circles will be fine for my experiements.

Can you point me to galvo controller H/W specs? And/or useful S/W or F/W?


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Did somebody say community pushed replacement mainboard?

Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to mess with if you plan to share.

The galvo should not be a new technology or an obscure mechanic. You just need to test the voltage on each wire and have a driver duplicate its output so it doesn’t burn out. I tested the laser and it’s about 12v max on 4 lanes with each one doint 5.2v max. Standard ARM controller dynamics which is what I think the only custom element of the galvo. Most of them are much higher voltage drivers and you can reverse engineer the drivers for it afterwards. The potentiometers adjust voltage control but you should be able to control the digital stepper and have it be controlled by a dial.

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