Future of Moai line?

Hello! I am considering purchasing a Moai 130 (or potentially a 200). However, I am seeing distressing things about firmware support and apparent concentration on the Phenom line that make me concerned about the future of this product.

I’ve been doing a lot of research, and have come to the conclusion that laser SLA is the direction I want to go, and I was very excited about the Moai until I started seeing the firmware concerns.

Are @peopoly done with the Moai? If so, is there a plan to provide components in the future? If not, is there a plan to continue development and release updated versions?


the firmware is actually work just fine, but users wanted more to it and we have been developing to the requests
the conversations about the firmware you see recently would be about the beta firmware, which we are testing new features

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Hi i am on the same quest you are on. I was told August 7 2020 that the produce Moai 200 was not produced anymore and that I should get a Phenom instead. I did not really want to get the Phenom for $3k+ ~ $1.5k in shipping because it has an expensive lcd that needs to be replaced and if that lcd stops being produced I will have $4k of dead weight that will not be able to make operational.
It would be a lot better if the lcd would be available from multiple sources as a standard size. This will give more owner security and a possible option of swapping in a 8k resolution one of the same dimensions if it became available in the future.

The reason I wanted to get a laser based printer like your going for is because all the parts you may need to replace can be sourced after market to get it working in the future regardless of Peopoly’s Moai status. Please share your quest research with me and I will do the same with you. I need to get a resin printer asap because the future of the world depends on it but I cannot be wasteful in theses times. I must make an informed logical decision in my purchase.


On the same boat here, searched hi and low for a high definition printer with an usable build area. Mostly setting on a Moai 200 but its price is not making any sense, its price is too close to the Form3, so for just a few hundred more you can get a professional machine instead, that is printing mostly consumer ready objects a few minutes out of the box. The issue is that i don’t like to get locked with custom supplies with the FormLabs resin ecosystem.

That and the fact that browsing this forums there seems to be a lot Moai 200 (130 as well?) issues as quality, banding, calibrations, backlash in the galvo system and the BIG issue of a locked firmware that seems to be property of an original Peopoly founder member that have rights over it, but now has moved to another startup and have taken the firmware source with it.

Add to that the Moai 200 seems to be discontinued now.

Later I considered just ordering the galvos and the main board, and reverse engineer the firmware to make an Open Source version of it, but the problem is that I need a machine to produce consumer ready products ASAP, so not really looking for another machine to thinker with as a hobby. Need something dependable to use as a tool.

Next I considered to just create a laser system with a Cartesian platform movement, that will make the build area to be virtually scalable to any size needed, and avoid fighting with distortions and refractions and compensations of the incidence angle and what not.

The other alternative is just accepting LCD as a consumable, buy several screens to have in stock and go with a LCD printer. Going this way seems to be cheap these days as the screens are relatively cheap now ($39 for a 2k 10.1 inches with 85um resolution).

The thing is that I’m not comfortable with the shorter lcd panel usable time frame (400 hours, that is less than a month), it would be better if the monochrome screens were priced lower ($400 including shipping for a 13 inches today), and this prices don’t look to be any lower for the next years.

So far, after weeks of research, it seems that there is nothing that is usable out of the box (or at least with reasonable tuning and maintenance), has great resolution and has a big build area. It seems that building my own resin printer (either laser or LCD) is the only way forward.

@Piccolo_sun, actually it would be way easier to keep an LCD printer working than a Laser printer, if some of the parts are not longer available. LCD printers are really simple, adapting another screen is mostly tapping the LDVS or eDP lines, flashing the driver with different timmings, or even changing the whole driver board

Anyway, the search continues, if some interesting alternative shows up I will make sure to share it here

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@Lioric yes it indeed seem we are in the same boat even down to the construction my own diy unit. however other reason i wanted a laser unit over a lcd unit is that it can be scaled up with no lost of resolution you just take the guts out and put it into a bigger body and i have other ideas that make it a multi function unit capable of more then 3d printing. Just like you i need a unit asap so going down the dyi path right now will delay my gift to the world. yes please post any thing useful you find i will do the same.

other reason i wanted a laser unit over a lcd unit is that it can be scaled up with no lost of resolution you just take the guts out and put it into a bigger body

Not even close to that (w.r.t. galvo type, like Moai), how are you going to control the resolution with the laser spot diameter when you get out of the original distance focus? how are you going to compensate the skew further from the center for the new build size area, how to refocus with fixed lens, how to create calibration maps for the new distances, how to compensate the galvos movement for the new offsets? that is a long term project on itself that involves rewriting or hacking firmware

you dont need to change distance of focus. you just need to put the galvo head on a x,y rail this way you can have any many centers as you need. example 4 center will equal 4 times the x y build area

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Makes no sense, in that case you don’t need a galvo in the first place, just a laser on a cartesian platform. (…buy a $2k machine to only extract a $10 laser, that is commercially available everywhere, makes no sense to me).

Anyway, here doesn’t seem to be the place to discus this, feel free to send a private message if you want to continue discussing this.