Functional Hollow Parts Problem


I am making a part for our cryostat. I have attached images of a test print I made using low-quality grey resin to test the component. It seems complicated to cure inside the object as well as the hole for the BNC connector port.

I didn’t use the supports option in Cura, because it doesn’t work well. I did try to add supports using Asura, and they look excellent. When I save the Asura object as gcode, it won’t print on either Windows or OSX.

On curing, the outside seemed to cure well in my 90 Watt UV curing chamber. I’ll have to add a reflective bottom for reflecting the UV because the object bottom was not cured properly.

However, in the holes and on the inside it was not cured at all. So somehow I’ll have to make a new device which can be placed inside to cure the print.

What I would like to ask is:

  1. Has anyone else tried to make a similar functional part?
  2. If so, how did you solve the problems using Asura, which seems to be a replacement for the Cura version?
  3. The inside must be hollow so that I can place target test objects inside of it.




Try to print the object on supports 5 mm up from the build plate. That should take care of your build plate adhesion problem. In Asura you have a z-height setting in the support window - set this to 5 mm when generating supports.



I use my moai mainly for functional parts. Although I’ve not had any problem exporting gcode directly from Asura, you might try adding supports, hollows, and holes with Asura. Then you could export to STL and slice directly with cura since Asura isn’t working right for you. Export to STL is the 1980’s esque floppy disk icon on the left side of Asura3D.

I’ve had very little success printing anything without supports. Too much suction force. I tilt my models somewhere around 15 degrees, add supports hollows holes and go to town.

re: Asura not working. Maybe you’ve got a permissions issue? Try right clicking on Asura3d.exe and selecting “run as administrator” when you launch it. I don’t have to do that, but then again I disable windows UAC so it doesn’t really matter.



can you upload pictures of the model in Asura?even you support generation and orientation



I am also facing this type of issue on my device. It is showing Asus Error Code 55. Do you have any proper idea to fix this?