Frustating Asura 2.2 Calibration process not working


I’ve been doing both actually, my last round I did 2, but my first was a mix of 2 and 3. I have 2 Moai units too and the same thing has happened on both. Is there something saying 1 is more correct over the other?



I would only use 2 decimal places, it might not read anything else, but not sure?

I found that even though I thought I was measuring correctly, every time I went back to a default I measured something new!

Also if you are trying to adjust a couple of measurements, do them one by one, when you adjust one it can sometimes knock out others you haven’t touched. So print a standard one with no calibration, measure, print with new calibration, measure, then adjust one number at a time by very small amounts.

Remember this is magic, not an exact science… :wink: bit of a joke, but also true it seems.



If I want to edit only one value, should I perform the procedure from the beginning?



I made a spreadsheet to simplify the recording of data, please check the formula on the spreadsheet.

Asura Calibration Spreadsheet

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By (True+(Measured-True)/2), did you mean True+(Measured-True)/2) or (True+(Measured-True))/2? You have ambiguous use of parenthesis.



the easier way to calculate is (target + measured)/2

one thing is that you want to use the Advance Moai calibration guide:

to get everything close enough without any Asura calibration. This will make everything much closer. If you are off by 0.5mm or more, perhaps it is best to use the galvo calibration to get cose first and set the laser to the center



if I printed the Asura calibration file, then I use that order ( So it’s print (no calibration file) >measure>update/create calibration file>print (with calibration file)>confirm).

If the print still varies after confirm-print then how are you going? Do I print the file again without calibration and do everything from the beginning … or do I change the calibration file with the current data from the calibration print? understand one what I mean?



What I did was just update the original calibration measurements. So if the first test said it was 60 instead of 61. The calibration file would now have 60.5 in it.

But if The new print then measures 60.9, I would then go back and adjust my calibration to 60.55. You see what I mean?

Don’t try messing around with too many in one go. Edits seem to compound on other edits.

If it just starts messing up and others get knocked out, start again :slight_smile:



Okay…Thank you…i will Test it!



Hi there,

I’ve been going through the calibration process and recording the numbers for each iteration. Although there are only 4 iterations here, it’s interesting in that one graph shows the adjustments to be more like a pendulum swing, while the other graph shows a gradual movement towards fully calibrated.

Now I’ve realised it’s an iterative thing and not just a ‘bang the numbers in and you’ll be good’ I’ve become much more philosophical about it. Also, the fact that the X and Y labels on the cross are 90 degrees to the actual X and Y - that had me stumped until I saw the little arrows. I’m most of the way through now, next time I’ll try Jackyboy’s method of just a couple of points at a time.

Bit of info, original Moai, latest firmware, Asura for slicing, standard gray resin, 25C chamber.

Hoping I’ll be done in a couple more goes.

Edited to add, click on the graph to see it in full, and updated with the last iteration.

Here’s the sum of the errors at each iteration, which shows the errors are getting smaller and smaller.

Adj X Adj Y

  1. 3.16, 3.19
  2. 3.16, 3.19
  3. -2.39, 3.90
  4. -0.05, 0.90
  5. -0.02, 0.56





there are a lot of mistakes in your formulas…