Forum category to show off prints and projects?


Hi there,
The forums seems quite active although most of the posts are about issues. I have trouble seeing what a successful use of the printer looks like and would be very interested in seeing what people are able to achieve.

Currently these kind of things have to be posted on the “uncategorized” category but I think having a dedicated category would encourage people to share !

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There is a very long thread called Show Us Your Bits which has a lot of great posts of cool prints. Last post was 7 days ago so people are still using it.



Yeah I’m reading it right now but it’s a PITA to sort and having a category would allow to create one topic per print, even tag or sort them by type (casting, minis, engineering, mods, experimental,…).

One single topic to demonstrate the capabilities of the machine when the whole forum is dedicated to it seems a bit light to me !



It probably does deserve its own full category. I also see a lot of prints on the Facebook group that don’t make their way here to the forum as well, so there are probably quite a few people who are just using it and posting their prints there instead of here.



+1 on its own category.

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you can go to the thread @arden suggested or go to our facebook page, our users share there projects daily:



@peopolysupport are you guys happy that over a whole forum there’s only one single long and unwieldy thread to showcase the capabilities of the printer, when it could be a full categories with sorting ability and discussions on a per-print basis?



agree, come on Peopoly give us what we want!



there is actually categories, but people ignore them

so how do we get people use category? @Oberon @johnchen



please create a category called “Gallery” - that is the easiest way for people to show off their projects and keep everything neat in their own thread. Many users have ongoing projects we would like to share and get feedback on. its not always just ‘1’ thing…

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Sorry for the late answer ! People will do what’s easiest, not what’s right. So one way to make them behave like you want is to make it easier to do things right than to do them wrong.

When hitting the “new topic” button you are presented with a form to create a new topic and the category “uncategorized” is already selected and not put forward in the UI. I think leaving that category empty will force users to actually select one before posting, increasing chances of posting in the right category.

The forum code you’re using also allows to give users the ability to move topics to another category. You can grant that ability through a badge to only certain users based on their presence on the forums, it’s very useful because it allows experienced/frequent users to do some small moderation like editing titles and moving topics.

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I think having a dedicated category would encourage people to share !

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