Forum Categories for [Maoi]. [Phenom], [L], [Noir]

New member to the forum, but have been reading for a while and contributed to my purchase of the phenom L, which I’m very happy with so far (though very eager to see a mono screen upgrade!)

One small suggestion would be to have a separate categories for Moai and Phenom, or at least a strong suggestion to users to put the model in their post title like I’ve seen some people do [Phenom Noir]

Many times I will be reading a thread and only realize well into the post that I am reading a discussion about the Moai and not Phenom. I’ve even seen moderators be confused about what hardware they are helping troubleshoot.

hi, very good suggestion, we will improve it, it has been classified in the FB forum. It is also improved in the peopoly forum. Thank you again for your proposal.