Formware sharp edge issues

So i’ve recently decided to move over to using Formware3D and it has made my workflow easier since i can stay in the same software for hollowing, supports and slicing.
All said, i’ve run into an issue i can’t seem to solve and it relates to missing pieces in flat areas on some prints.
In the attached image you can see the same model printed in both cura and formware, i did print one using Asura but the results were similar to cura so decided to no include it in the image, and you can see there is a missing or crack like scar on the model. I’ve played around with a lot of the settings in formware and non have helped in fixing this issue. It does however seem to only show up on short lengths that lead to a sharpish turn. Organic model print fine with no issues and even bigger models with sharp edges. Ive checked the Gcode and looked at it in cura and nothing shows up there that could be wrong.
Also i should mention i did a better job at cleaning the cura one and i didnt bother fully cleaning the formware one before doing the final cure but its a physical piece missing on those areas not just something cosmetic.

@formware Any Ideas what could be happening?

Printer details
Moai 130 with upgraded z axis
FEP vat
Recommended printer settings for the FEP vat found on the peopoly wiki
Resin is Siraya tech sculpt smokey black printing with a heater at 30C but have tried printing with no heater on and same issues.

Side note
Ive previously posted about some issues i had with my printer not working and i just wanted to let people know i have since then fixed the issues and the printer is working fantastic for me.