Formlabs resin problem


I have tried many resins and I like Formlabs resin the best so far but I have one problem with this resin , let me send the picture so you will see what iam talking about, I have tried different speed , different laser power , and there is no change , maybe I should change other setting in Cura or printer, please advise, I don’t have this problem with any other resin



There is separation between the ring , happens only with Formlabs resin!!



Here is the another one


Maybe I have to change Z or PM Moto speed or Smooth in printer settings for this resin because is much heavier then other resins ? What do you think?


I have Formlabs castable resin, with the default settings i get base separation on the “A” cylinder of the diy-test and layer lines/uncured resin on the “D” cylinder.

Maybe you need to raise your resin temp: Formlabs resin temperature. I use a heater and print at 35 °C.

Formlabs resin need a little bit more energy than peopoly resin, make sure to also slow down the wall speed:

Try to slow down Z motor speed and PM motor speed, i use:
Z motor speed 3
PM motor speed 10

I add a little pause before the tilt move to improve surface quality on the parts that are printed last, i. e “D” cylinder in diy-test.stl. Here’s a little python script (crappy, not well tested) i wrote for that, it adds a pause before every tilt move:
Patch gcode with pause before tilt


I use Formlabs black a lot, and used to get the hollowing problem, especially near the base of prints, a lot. It seems that the outside walls would cure, but the infill was constantly having problems, especially right at the beginning.

My theory is that for some reason, the laser itself wasn’t enough to initiate the cure of the resin in those areas. After a while, the laser firing at the same spot would generate a bit of localized heat, and that would be enough to help kick the reaction, and the part would start to cure. Hence, a lot of parts with hollow bases (which sucks for the whole part, because the base holds the supports, which are now not secure, so the whole part is trash).

I slowed the speed down, I set the infill to 100%, but still I would sometimes see this problem. Why was the infill curing differently than the outer walls, which always cured fine?

I did some digging in Cura and found that there was yet another hidden setting under the Speed section called Infill Speed. When I turned on the visibility for this, I could see that it was set much higher than the default speed setting --and my profile was based off of, started life as, the default Cura profile. This setting was set wrong all along. Or at least wrong for Formlabs resin.

That higher speed meant the infill was getting less energy than everything else, and is why the resin wasn’t curing. I changed the number to match the print speed number I had set for the black (115 at 0.02 resolution), and bingo! Solid, nice prints with solid, nice bases every time.


I dropped primer setting as you recommended, and I got the same results nothing is helping!!


formlabs resin are generally very thick and requires higher temperature and slower print speed.

you can also share your printer system settings. the latest is[]=firmware

it is said the material and printer should be calibrated together to achieve best results. This is much more true for resin than filament printer due to UV crosslinking process is more complex.

For the same color, our HiTemp is very well received with higher hardness and glass transition temperature


hi, sorry for the trouble, I’m a new member, and I would like to buy the moai printer. until now I have used the Formlabs Form 1+ printer for work. I would like to buy your printer that looks great and much more accessible to my portfolio, but first I would like to know if it works well and if you already have to recommend the settings for the black resin of formlabs. I have tried in the past the black Peopoly resin but it is very transparent compared to the black resin of the formlabs, and for my work I need a black resin like that of the formlabs which is black in every detail. so if you can tell me if you already have the settings tested for the black resin of the formlabs with this printer I consider buying it right away. Thank you for your help and I hope you can answer me and help me better. Best regards


hi Simon, I believe you have reached to the user who have been printing Formlabs model black resin. In general, Formlabs resin should work fine on Moai but you may need to spend time figuring out the exposure value.