Flexible Resin inside of the printer

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Someone used our printer over the summer, and managed to get flexible resin inside of the printer, potentially on the laser and the motherboard. We don’t know how long the resin has been in the printer, it could have been inside anywhere from 2 to 5 months. Where do we go from here? Is there any way that we can clean the inside, especially the laser, without damaging the printer itself.

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Haven’t had a resin spill inside my Moai yet, but had a disaster in my Form 2 with Tough resin, a distinctly nasty material.

I completely disassembled the printer, all circuit boards, all plastic parts, all wiring harnesses, anything that had resin on it. I soaked it all in 91% isopropyl overnight. Brushed off the thick stuff that didn’t dissolve right away with a plastic toothbrush. Repeated soaking and brushing as necessary.

After letting everything air dry for days, I put some of the plastic bits under the Moai UV curing lamp for hours and others out in the full sun, to cure out any remaining resin that couldn’t be washed out.

Needless to say it was a royal pain in the neck, but eventually I got it cleaned up. Key is to get every last bit of resin either washed out (preferably) or cured solid. Otherwise fumes will emanate from the uncured resin and deposit thin films on your galvo mirrors, causing no end of bad prints and hair-pulling.

Fortunately due to the design of the Form 2, my galvos and laser were not affected. Good luck.

for the circuit board and the casing, you can clean it using wet wipes or towel soaked in ethanol or IPA
for the galvos however, it doesn’t seems like any resin got into the mirrors, and that’s very very lucky. You can use a cotton swap to gently clean it with ethanol or IPA for any dust
I think the resin is on the side of the galvo is because of the acrylic protector, if you have it removed while you took the picture, make sure you clean and place it back in. If you lost it, i strongly suggest buying a new one before start printing again
The galvo set is the most important and most expensive part of the moai, you don’t want to replace them, ever

I made a post warning others of this same issue a while back when I first got my Moai 200… Resin does seem to leak if left for extended periods. Use isopropyl alcohol and paper towels to clean as much up as you can. be careful around the circuit boards and wiring. Don’t touch the laser assembly or get too close to it. Check regularly in the lower case for resin leaks and clean up as necessary.