Flat prints on z axis

We have just purchased our Moai 130, at first the build plate kept hitting the top of the z axis and resetting the machine. After moving it down manually several times and restarting it seemed to be working. We began running the calibration tests using the FEP vat and easy calibration plate and Elgoo water soluble resin as that’s what we use in our other machines. We changed the recommended settings accordingly. We have lowered the lazer power and pm initial speed slightly to try and get a better print. Every time we try to print anything we get the issue you can see in the pictures which is a flattened top. You can’t see the letters on the test cylinders and the ring prints flat on the z axis, this is especially noticeable at the top and bottom.

Any advice greatly appreciated, this was a brand new ready built machine. Settings are, from top to bottom, 900, 900, 100, 100, 50, 2, 10, 53, 4, 1816, 60, 2, 100, 200, 2, 10 !

Also forgot to mention the banging noise that is made during layer changes.

@MrScream This is rather an overcure issue, the resin cured on top created a flattened look.
Try to decrease the laser power until you can see through the holes on the ring

We have tried printing at a lower power, these were printed at 50, the lowest we can get a successful print. There are parts missing on the rind and both the ring and the cylinders are flat on top again. The cylinders never have readable letters on top and the rings always have a very flat “layered” look to the lattice structure. I have also checked all of the screws and made sure that the build plate is free to tilt and not rubbing when it changes layers etc.