First print - post process question

Hello! I just got my phenom - first time resin printing for me, so pretty excited.

Two questions:

1- How much resin do you keep in the vat? Is it expected to flood over the build plate, or is that excessive?

2 - for post-process: I bought the LED lamp, but I just watched a vid of someone using an ultrasonic cleaner (wit Mr Clean disinfectant?) as a step right after the print was finished. I don’t have one. How important is that step and is there something else I can do instead?


1: Should be in the phenom guide. Generally I think the line along the vat where it starts to angle out is a good indicator.

2: ultrasonic is not essential for cleaning off excess resin but makes it a lot easier. Cleaning the print before post cure is pretty much essential.

startup guide:

Thank you for the help. Much appreciated!!

  1. easiest way is to just pour a bit in and the rest while the build plate is lowered
  2. i would recommend using a small brush to clean with ethanol. Ultrasonic may damage the resin since they are still soft before curing with the UV LED

Whoops - I need to cancel my order then. Thank you!

A follow-up: The funnel. I haven’t seen when/how I’m supposed to use it. Do I need to funnel/filter the resin after each print?

usually not, but you should filter the resin if it’s left in the printer for more than 2 days or after a badly failed prints ( fallen supports or pieces of infill patterns may float around)