First print on New Phenom

Its only the included test file, but they printed first try with no problems so I’m excited!

I just started a 50 hour print to test the printer so that will be exciting

The size of the machine is massive, but I have my workstation setup and a curing station below


Very nice work station. One has to think outside the box when it comes to post processing big resin prints.

Yes, the table looks practically furnished.
Except for the carpet, you will not have much fun with it.


Yes ad_fontec made a very good point. You should place some plastic covers or similar under and around your station. Resin will eventually drop on the carpet no matter how careful you are (speaking from experience).

in a room like that how were the fumes ACTUALLY. I know people kinda exaggerate or are sensitive to smells…but i imagine the stuff doesn’t smell any worse than mixing 2 part epoxy for a repair/craft project? or in a room like yours does it get hard to breathe or does it linger?


I have my resin printer and form wash machine in an open workshop environment. I have put sealing tape around the doors on the Moai and it only smells when you open the door. I always wear protective breathing gear and gloves when I operate the machine but not while working in the shop with other stuff.

I recommend a full face mask if you are exposed to the smell of resin for more than a few minutes. Here is my short review: