First layers not printing properly?

I’m rather new to 3d printing, and I’ve reached an issue. When I print, the file is printing fine, but the first few layers are not printing properly, and it is getting cut off. I have all of the settings correct to the standard that MOAI puts out, but I am not sure if this is a printer issue or a CURA issue in slicing.

Essentially what is happening, is the first few layers are being flattened into one layer, then the rest of the print is continuing as normal. What do I do?

That’s sort of normal. Show a picture of the actual print and what the supported model is supposed to look like and we can get a better feel of what your problem could be.

Not sure if this is possible in Cura but maybe also check that your model is not sitting slightly below the build plate level before slicing.

If you could please provide a photo of the results, and a screen cap on how it is sliced, we can better assist you.

either in Cura or any other slicer, the Moai will fuse some of the few first layer for better adhesion. That’s why it’s always necessary to add supports below