Firmware updated - Now print abruptly stops early

I updated to the latest firmware today and did some fresh files via chitubox latest. The print starts fine . Then I go down to check after maybe 30 minutes, and the print is no longer printing. It did not return the bed to a high position, nor show anything on the screen to indicate it thought it was done. The lcd was at the main home with 3 buttons to click.

How do I tell what happened? I moved the bed up manually and I see the base and the start of some supports so it was printing before it stopped.

Thanks for any tips

It may be that the U disk data has not been read. If there is a prompt, please share pictures or videos.

No prompt at all. I returned to the machine and the bed was down in the resin, and the LCD screen showed the home page. 3 icons.

The only oddity I noticed later was the file showed in red.

Update: I tried another print, off another USB stick. Same result. print begins as normal and abruptly stops very early in the process. No error, no message. LCD screen is back to normal 3 icons, and the print bed is in the resin where it stopped.

I have now built brand new ctb files from scratch on a new PC, and sure enough the results are the same.

It is definitely something with the printer and firmware is the only thing that is different. Peopoly what are my next steps here?

There may be a problem with the power supply. Check the power adapter to see if it is normal, and dry printing (No resin) to observe the operation of the device, if you need further help, please email

I would suggest finding an older version of the firmware and reinstalling it.