Firmware print timer


The print timer times how long a print has been printing for, great. Except when the print has finished the timer keeps running.

E.g I have a print that takes about six hours (which I know because when it’s finished that’s what the timer says), I printed it a second time, leaving it running overnight. The next morning the print had finished but the timer says it’s taken 15 hours.

TBH an estimated time remaining would be more useful, even if it’s a little inaccurate.



Which printer and firmware version? I’ve got a Moai 130 and the current 1.18 firmware doesn’t even show the print timer after the print finishes :frowning: I wish it did! Is that a feature on the 200?



The same one - a Moai 130 running v1.18 which it came with.

The print screen displays:

file: my-file.gcode
current layer:   1
total layer:     493
Print time       0      15


That’s very strange that we see different things… I do get that screen, but only during a print. As soon as the print finishes it goes back to the main screen, which means I never get to see my final print times unless I happen to be there as it finishes. :\

I wonder if one (or both) of us has a bad flash of the firmware and needs to re-flash?



Hmm, maybe that’s why it keeps counting up for me - it never goes back to the main screen…



the print did finishes fine and the only problem is the timer right? have you reboot the machine after the first print or do you continue to print?



Yes - the print finishes fine & the build plate moves to the top of the printer.

I’m generating the gcode using Asura on the Mac, then running it through unix2dos to convert the line endings, maybe that has something to do with it?



My 130 also successfully prints and has the print timer on the screen. The timer appears to start as soon as I click yes to confirm print and keeps counting up until I turn off the machine or manually go back to the main menu. After the print is finished and raised out of the bed, the screen also continues to show the file, current layer and total layers, with the current layer resetting to 1.

Is it supposed to go back to the main menu when finished with a print?

When a print is finished, I would like to continue seeing the file, current and total layers and timer, but with the timer stopped at the time it finished. I’m not concerned with the current layer going back to 1, although it would make more sense to have it stay matched to the total layer number when finished.

I have been doing everything in Asura (Windows) - importing STL, orienting, adding supports, etc. and then generating g-code and straight to printing. I reboot the machine between every print.



Still having this same issue. I am using Cura 3.6.0.
My original post here: Firmware 1.18 Feature Request



Just wanted to say that I’ve had the same issue since the beginning with this printer. The timer runs ad infinitum. Doesn’t bother me much, but if it stopped and showed the total elapsed time at the end I would be much happier.

Everything else behaves nicely, so I figured this was just a harmless bug that hasn’t been attended to yet. v1.18 just like the OP.