Firmware change suggestion

May I make a suggestion regarding the firmware?
It seems to me that many of the settings on the first page are not changed hardly ever, and many under advanced settings are, when switching resins. Laser Power being the most common?

X size
Y size
X deviation
Y deviation
Z moto speed
PM moto speed

[advanced settings]
Laser Power
XY Speed Set
Z Reset Position
PM Reset Position
Z Follows
Compensate X
Compensate Y
Z Initial Speed
PM Initial Speed

Maybe advanced settings isn’t the right name for the next page button, and many of the first page could go there and the others should be on the first page?


Being able to override the common settings through gcode would also be useful.

I agree, all settings that may change with resin type or color would be great. But they have said many times, that is currently not possible with the current controller board. Not enough room left in its firmware memory.

We can hope they develop a new brain, with more power and capabilities in the future.

I can envision adding pressure sensors on the leveling screws to help get the vat and build plate level or help diagnose high peal forces with visual feedback as well, if the processor had more power and had sensor inputs. Maybe even some way to detect the laser distortion, dimensional accuracy using a high resolution camera from below watching the laser dot.