Firmware bricked Moai 130?

I have a Moai 130, and followed firmware udate instruction shown here:

After inserting card with firmware, printer did not show any signs of progress. I left everything on for 12 hours, and still no change to display. Then I power cycled, and still blank screen. I see now the last two comments on the page from users who had the same issue, with no resolution/fix posted. The printer now seems to be ‘bricked’ from firmware?

I found the experimental beta firmware (updated 8/6/2020) ​firmware posted here:[]=firmware

Followed the instructions again, hoping newer firmware might bring the machine back to life, but same bad result. I made sure not to use Sans disk, as recommended (using Samsung EVO card that I have always printed from).

Peopoly, what is the best way to make my machine operational again?

After trying more cards (different brands and sizes) to try the firmware reload process with, I finally found one that worked. This machine seems ‘very sensitive’ to which card will work. At any rate, if you have a dead machine (blank screen) after firmware like I did, keep trying different cards. (also, make sure to use a freshly formatted fat32 card).

Just for the rest of us moai users who may encounter this. Which card worked in the end?

The bad photo makes it look like a fake clone, however, this is the genuine Samsung Evo Select card that worked for me. I think I paid $18 USD for it.