File too big for Fat32 Phenom L

Hey guys

I have a 3 file to print in queue that are 4.5 gig , 4.9 gig & 4.1gig
these are huge 75 hours prints on the Phenom L
Fat32 is blocking me big time
is there a SIMPLE work around
i tried cura but i dont understand it and only 10% file reduce wont cut it
I read that you guys were gonna implement Exfat a while ago
Whats the point of buying a huge 3d printer if i cant print huge high detail parts.
Feels bad for Phenom XXL …

Guys i really need help here
if i cant print any file bigger than 4gig its a deal breaker

Hi @Rezwalker, i’ll get technical support to help you understand the problem and how to work on it.
In the mean time you can post this on the fb group, it’s seems easier to reach out to users there

Ultra-high-pixel model details are not very helpful for 3D printing, but only increase the amount of data, and there is no way to print the fine and small parts. Generally, a file of less than 1G is sufficient. If the document model has a large amount of data, it can be saved in ctb format during output, which will reduce the amount of data output.

Check into the software Arc Welder, maker mashup has a YouTube video on how to use it, it compresses gcode movement (for fdm) sometimes up to 95% to reduce file size. Plus it smoothes out prints. I assume it works for Resin prints as well, I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but it works with marlin.

Hey guys i used chirubox to save file as ctb
my 5gig file are now 600mg …

i didnt know chitibox could do that !

My bad
thx for the help A LOT