File reading error destroys print

Partway through a print I notice that the display is weird:

I open the printer and it’s started to print an old file half way through this print.

Not only is this a different file, it’s actually been deleted off the card. I only have one printable file on the card at a time, plus the peopoly logo.

I disconnect the machine. I format the card, deep style. I go back to cura and reslice the model. I put the gcode on the card. The card specifically recommended by Mark after my previous problems with the supplied card. I restart the machine and all looks good.

This morning:

I have now wasted on the order of 30-40 hours. My client will not be getting their print by their deadline. I’ve gone through a heap of resin.

What the heck is going on?

Did you use the recommended format utility with the “Overwrite” option?

The best practice is not to delete or overwrite files. If more space is needed use a Overwrite format.

Thank you.

Yes I used the recommended utility with Overwrite option.

Please show me where ‘never deleting files’ is best practice. Last time I had serious problems with the Moai failing to read the card properly I was told to only ever have one file on it…

And none of this explains how on earth this nightmare could happen. What is the issue here?

Thank you Lyndondr - just on Facebook? And no explanation of why?

Is that hack (going to be) part of the official documentation?

Should that be on the main Moai help/support page(s)?

It feels like there is a lot of hacky stuff people are doing to keep the machine running smoothly which should be documented more clearly so we can all benefit and not fall in a big hole doing completely normal things…

And/or is Peopoly working on an upgrade to ensure the machine simply works as anyone would expect*?

Many thanks

(* please don’t start critising my ‘expectations’ again)

I posted a similar thread (Continuous Motion Along Z Axis) with many of the same failures and suggestions. While I did try all the reformatting stuff, don’t delete files, yadda yadda yadda - ultimately what appeared to fix the problem was replacing the SD reader board in the machine. My board had some poor solder joints that presumably would open due to vibration that caused file system access problems and the kinds of failures you identified. If you pull your board and inspect it carefully you may find one or more of the inner set of pins is poorly soldered. Matterhackers can provide a replacement if you have a failed board.

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Like @Hypergyaos said check the Sd card reader board solder joints.

Tx Hypergyaos - my gut feeling is that the card reading hardware (or system) isn’t working properly for some people. My board was fine when I last inspected in - to the eye at least. :confused:

I had to look at my board under a magnifying glass to see the flaw. I really recommend replacing that board before wasting more time and resin. I spent days goofing around with reformatting cards, reslicing, etc. and it was largely a waste of time until I got a replacement installed.

I posted this image of my card reader last time. No one suggested it looked faulty but maybe that is it. :frowning:


The pins on the left look under soldered to me. However, that may just be the angle/light. The SD reader design has been an issue since the beginning. I am guessing that 2.0 hardware will change the design. To their credit, Peopoly recognizes the issue and seems to be prepared to replace duff boards.

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It’s kind of hard to tell from that angle. I had to look at both ends of the connector. In my case, the inner connector on the right in your photo had a narrow gap above the pad that would momentarily open during some long prints.

How about new pictures with different angles.

Yeah, well I would, but you’ll remember I’m already late for a client deadline so the Moai is running a third attempt. Not sure ripping the card reader out in the middle of a print is going to help…

Tx PCat, am pm’ing Mark now…

That reader IS faulty. As you can see, the inner pins are on top of the solder… mine came like this as well. I had to resolder the pins when I got mine.

I have found that this machine is quite wonky and am considering getting rid of it and just getting a Form 2. Yes, the Form 2 is super expensive, but sometimes peace of mind has value.

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