Few conserns regarding design



I believe it would be good to thing about few improvements

  1. replacing leveling screws with screws with handles
  2. it would be good to add additional frame inside doors or silicone sealing because laser can go threw closed doors
  3. Have You ever though about some kind of vacuum system inside, I’m thinking about some modification of case :wink:
  4. menu handler ( scroll button ) is not matching case, I had to push some rubbish inside this plastic part to make it work, clicking was reduced by front cover. It might be related with wrong assembling but overall margin seems to me to small :wink:


thanks for the feedback.

  1. we are still working on improving the leveling process. any feedback is appreciated
  2. good idea.
  3. what is your application for such mod?
  4. yea, need better aesthetics and refinement on the product

  1. easy level plate does need thumb screws! (with hex in the center to aid in making more tight before print?)
    I added knobs to the nuts under the build plate with a Mark on 1 side and 8 segments around the side so I can now eye ball where it is and do a calculation to turn left or right so many segments.

  2. I haven’t noticed UV leaking on mine from the door, but a little seal wouldn’t hurt. (unless it warped the door from force?)

  3. vacuum?

  4. I also had to add a little bit of junk plastic inside the knob to stop it from slipping down to the front cover. no big deal but it was annoying till I did it.

some non UV activating lights inside when powered on would be nice also. would RED LEDs be safe? so you can see the build plate and other movements while printing through the door.


I have said it in other threads, but a dual z-axis support (even if its just a rod with a bearing)! This is why I am interested in the Moai 200. Not necessarily because it is bigger, but it uses a dual z-axis support.