FEP vat question

Hi there, I’ve not used the Moai for almost a year. Just before I stopped using it I managed to trash a couple of PDMS vats and bought a FEP vat to use with the original (non-adjustable) build plate.

I’ve taken the printer out of storage and started it up again. I levelled and calibrated, and I’ve formatted the SD card with the recommended SDHC formatting utility. The printer’s firmware was updated to the latest version, and the default settings are exactly the same recommended on the Wiki (here: http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:firmware&s[]=firmware )

I’m using Peopoly Grey resin and the inside of the printer is warmed by a greenhouse heating pad to 27.5C. I also let the resin warm up for a couple

In the photo are a number or model train parts. They’re all the same type, and were placed in the green zone.

I know there are weak areas where the model gets thin, but the stubs in the second photo finish before they get to the thin part.

Would slowing down the motor speed reduce the suction?


(there’s a bit more to this photo that you can see if you click on it)

If nothing else, the green/red zone are not indicators of suction level, rather just differentiate the different suction level areas. I believe the official advice is to try keep objects in one rough colour zone as opposed to trying to cram stuff into the green zone.

Might be worth moving them to the centre of the plate.

This placement would be just like a large, dense support generation
Try to print 3-4 rows at a time, that should increase the success rate

Thanks all, I’ll move things around, try again, and report back.

Second go worked perfectly, thanks for your help.