Fep vat not printing in the center of the buildplate


Hello, I have a fep vat. Put in a new fep layer recently. Leveled the build plate to the fep vat and printed succesfull in all the corners.(ABCD)

Now when i make a full print. It does not print in the center of the buildplate.

My z position is at 1815



I’m no help in this instance, but I’ve run into the same issue here. I can print every where else on the plate but the center as you have shown.



if you can print the test file successfully, the problem must be in the slicing phase, please upload some picture of your slice.



Could it be that the center of the fep sheet is hanging in the middle?
I allready printed this file succesfull before with pdms. I doubt very much the slice is wrong, because its the same slice as the previous succesful print with dpms.



If that is the case maybe you need more tension in the FEP!?



How do i do that? Does it help just to lower the z one number? 1816?



did you check the heights of the leveling pegs you printed above?

keep it higher in the 10.8-10.9mm will give you good results.

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I havent changed my FEP yet…

But watch this video from @Model3D and see if you did everything right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLyCA7Iwy74



Leveled again and printed 4 column and one in the middle.
Sides were:
Leftfront: 10.85
Rightfront: 10.85
Leftrear: 10.9
Rightrear: 10.83
The middle column failed.

If u say it’s wrongly sliced i can send u the gcode. It’s sliced in cura with 0.1mm layer height. Just your a,b,c,d files and one in the middle extra(which fails)
What’s next?
Community says i should tighten the fep layer. How do u suppose i do that? I allready followed the steps u set for that in the wiki.



increase your z-reset by 1 and that should do it for the middle.
make sure there is no debris in the vat or on the plate. We had a user with a tiny thin layer of clear cured resin on the build plate and he could not figure why one corner keeps failing until he found and remove that.



I donno if it’s debree. Could surely have been. At our fablab(makerspace) we’re designing a fep tensioner.



This is an issue for me with PDMS as well, and the reason I have not switched to FEP, as it won’t get better with that system. I’ve tried to get Peopoly to confer on the issue and I don’t get any clear response. I can print either posts in the corners or post in the middle, not both. The problem is this- the prints around the edge contact the film/PDMS and push down the surface slightly, and that translates to a bow in the middle of the build plate, increasing the initial layer thickness in the middle causing a fail. .0005" is enough, and that’s not a lot of distance to warp. The new acrylic plate for the FEP is a step to fix the issue, but I am leery to invest more in Moai printers without some solid back and forth on how to deal with this problem.