FEP Vat Hard to push in

Hi All,
I have the FEP vat but it is increasingly hard to push all the way in - most times I need to hit it several times forceably to get it to install all the way in.

A lot harder than the PDMS vats that’s for sure. Is there something I need to loosen to make it easier.

Any advice would be appreciated.

you can check if the vat holder and the frame is leveled together, that vat holder should be level or a bit higher than the frame of the Moai

Thanks for the reply.

I think I know the parts you mean and they are level.

When pushing in the vat it goes in fairly easily for the first 2/3rds and then the last third takes a lot of pressure to get it in.


FEP is thicker than PDMS a bit, but it shouldn’t be that hard to push in, can you sent the video of you sliding the FEP in to support@peopoly.net?