FEP VAT calibration and accuracy issue

@peopoly @peopolysupport :

With the PDMS VAT, I had succeeded one year ago in calibrating the X / Y distortions on the whole plate to less than 50µm, spending hours and hours adjusting the ACP file. An accuracy that you were not able to provide to your customers.
today I bought the FEP tank.
how is it possible that the radius of my calibration circle is 2mm larger with the FEP VAT ?? (I have obviously verified that my paper is 100% and the circle is exactly the same as that of my PDMS VAT, and that the center is ok)
Do I have to redo all my ACP calibration file again to have correct precision ??? is it a joke?

is an explanation that the bottom of the tank is raised and further away from the laser?

do I also have to guess that the front side of the FEP VAT (not symmetrical) is the one that is thicker?

@bilin please calm down,
You can make an easy comparison that the FEP vat is a bit thicker at the bottom so it’s quite obvious that the circle would be larger as it reaches the FEP, and yes you need to re-do the advance calibration. Having to raise z reset from 1877 to 1816 is also another proof.

It’s made that way, and the thin side have to be faced away from the door, to prevent collision with the build plate.

@peopolysupport : calm down? It’s a joke?
I bought a moai 2 year ago and it’s still a bad prototype of form1 printer! I need make calibration again. Do you think I should be happy? Nothing is done correctly since 2 years.

Sorry to hear your question, peopoly will take care of you, please contact us by email so that the peopoly technical team can help you in time. Thank you for your support.
good a day

i dont need HELP! i dont need MP.
Moai users just NEED Peopoly make a GOOD JOB!
2-3 years after and still no good calibration, no time counter correct, no final firmaware, no final Asura, and so more…
moai is still a bad prototype