FEP Vat Acrylic Tension Plate | Remove Protective Film?


I’m in the process of replacing the FEP film and, while disassembling, I noticed that the acrylic tension plate still has its protective film attached (at least, that’s what I’m assuming it is). The instructions for the new vat don’t mention removing anything from the acrylic tension plate, but take a look at this YouTube video at the 2-minute mark.

You’ll see that the person is doing something with the plate off-screen and it looks like he/she is removing the protective film. Is it recommended to leave the film on, or remove it?

For another reference, I took a look at this video:

Here, I don’t see any hint of the protective film when he shows the plate to the camera.



definitely remove it! It will interfere with the laser.



Thanks! I did remove it and this doesn’t appear to have affected the prints.