FEP sheet specifications [Phenom L]

First post here. I am a new Phenom L user and need to find an alternate source in USA for FEP sheets. Peopoly distributor MatterHackers is back-ordered until late November and I am on my last sheet. My questions are:

  1. is what is the precise thickness of FEP film for the Phenom L or is this more of a preference?
  2. Are there any subtle variations between FEP manufacturers that need to be considered or is any FEP film usable?

Currently I’ve found two sources, first that sells by the foot and the second that has a 36 foot minimum.

The size I’m looking at is 5 mil or .127mm.

hi, there are many kinds of FEP films, it is recommended not to use untested materials. It will cause the printing failure rate to be too high and accelerate the damage of the resin and the screen. Cause greater losses. FEP thickness is 125um

Does the above material ship from Hong Kong? Would be great if you could work with MatterHackers to resupply with consumables more quickly. They have no FEP or Deft resins.

Yes, from Hong Kong. Resin transportation is difficult, and peopoly and MatterHackers are working hard to improve it.

That doesn’t address the FEP sheet shortage. If you can send me a single sheet you must be able to ship them a thousand so they are in stock and available for immediate delivery. If you cannot recommend using another supplier please do more to address the shortage of consumables.

Yin the current unstable transportation situation, many overweight and oversized goods cannot be transported. If you need urgently needed accessories, you can order them on peopoly’s official website. Small quantities of transportation are faster.