FEP Film Questions


Questions about FEP Vat

  1. Would like to know if there are larger off the shelf options for the FEP sheet. Bought a bunch with the VAT but at $10 a pop it’s not ideal.

  2. Z Offset with the FEP Vat and Original build plate is 1815-1816?

  3. The Installed FEP film in the Vat was pretty beat up upon arrival, how creased and gouged should it be before replacing? (The PDMS Vat bottom wasn’t all the clear anyways)

  4. Been loving the printer so far, looking forward to new stuff.


yes it is

how do you mean by “beat up”? can you upload a picture??

If you are new to FEP vat, check out this guide: http://wiki.peopoly.net/doku.php?id=moai:fep


So I’m down to 1914 to keep the build plate from smashing the vat, I’m printing a vase like structure and the last bunch of layers (thin ones) are being smashed flat. 1814 seems to be working though.

And for the original FEP film that came with the new vat I mean beat to pieces, creases, lines, hazy, its been tossed and a new sheet installed and that began to help all the problems I was having after upgrading to the FEP Vat.


1914 is not quite possible, I assume you meant 1814.

Laser SLA requires a much better (less sticky) fep film than typical LCD printer would due to power and speed of curing. You could tension one but be careful with some of the lower quality ones. If it is really loud at peeling, then it is not a good sign. Our fep films worked beautifully in LCD printers btw and makes almost no sound