Fep film details

Hello. Does anyone know the specifics of the fep film used with Moai? Details such as thickness, manufacturer, and where to buy etc… I know Peopoly sells it was unable to get the product to customers.

you can just find FEP films any where online, it’s not something that made for Moai only

On Moai200, the thickness is 0,127 mm.

Thank you. I think I will try some that mil on the 130.

Ok thank you. I think the resin I have is expired and will wait until the tough I ordered shows up. I assume resin does go bad after a year or so?

I made very good experience with fep film from www.fep-film.com. They are located in the Netherlands (EU).

that’s correct, it will “start” to go bad after a year

Depending on it’s storage conditions, as peopoly said, it will start going bad.
Potential effects:
-failed prints
-finished print doesn’t meet the normal structural integrity, hardness, etc

Realistically if it’s been stored alright and is only a year old a good shaking will probably make it work fine. If it’s been stored poorly your experience may vary.

This is mostly anecdotal evidence from using resins on MSLA printers, the effect may be different with peopoly resin, but as they said, it starts to go bad after a year, doesn’t become immediately unusable.

How about for the Phenom? Does it use standard FEP film also? I thought I heard it had a special coating.